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Alpha Update Update 3.11 to 3.18 - Revamp, Stability, Gameplay updates



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Jul 22, 2021
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Update 3.11 - 3.18 - Alpha


The updates going from version 3.11 to 3.18 are internal builds, focused on overhaul revamp, stability and gameplay, as well as few system. As the nature of these updates are internal updates and mostly technical from some time ago, details won't especially be shown. For the sake of readability, many minor changes won't be shown as well.

  • Revamped Horses (the way you feed them, the way they are exhausted, the way you can move with them.) The game now detects states with horses to avoid glitches.​
  • Revamped Character and Emotion pages (C & B).​
  • Revamped Revive screen, it now displays when you can click it and when you will automatically return to your city.​
  • Revamped Affect loading.​
  • Revamped Entity loading.​
  • Revamped Dragon Soul loading.​
  • Revamped the way Dungeon works.​
  • Revamped Aura & Sash.​

Stability Enhancement
  • Added multiple anti-cheat measures. Those are made to gather metrics and to broadcast them to GMs when a player is suspected of cheating.
  • Enhanced existing anti-cheat measures.
  • All actors are now loaded faster.
  • Stability Enhancements related to CPU usage and memory leaks.
  • Drops are sent in a smoother way from server to client for relative systems. Rarity is now sent as well.
  • Better Memory usage.​
  • Enhanced Peer2Peer & Auth stability.​

  • Monsters have now different logical sizes based on their races. The bigger a monster is, the stronger he is. Huge monsters will also have better drops than their small counterpart.
  • Monsters will now casually walk and can be aware of their environment (monsters / players / objects around).
  • Damage, Exp, Drops and Golds are completely revamped. This is now more logic, allows for "on-the-fly" changes and allows for more fine-tuning.
  • Added many new emotions.
  • Added new question possibilities (drag & drop detection, NPC private messages, Monster dialog).
  • Added 9th Skills and Yohara features (will come bundled in a future update).
  • Added Activity Monitor. To gather what your character is doing and award him offline shop time.
  • Added Zodiac Temple. Completely blending with the new damage rework.
  • Added many many official drops and chests. (Thanks for the Helping Hand!)
  • Added & Fixed many quests.
  • Added new glowing effect for new items.

Systems & Others

If you want to be kept informed in real time about future updates, or if you want to interact casually with the community as well as receive real-time information about server progress and ETA. I invite you on the Official Discord Server.

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