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Alpha Update Update 3.0 to 3.10 - Engine, Workflow & System updates



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Jul 22, 2021
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Update 3.0 - 3.10 - Alpha


The updates going from version 3.0 to 3.10 are internal builds, focused on merging acient branches from 2017 to 2020 and fixing Workflow and environment as well as some bugs. Many engine aditions were added. As the nature of these updates are internal updates and mostly technical from some time ago, details won't especially be shown. For the sake of readability, many minor changes won't be shown as well.

Engine Additions
  • Updated Engine to natively use features from DirectX9 to DirectX10-11.​
  • Updated Tree Engines and enhanced performances of it.​
  • Updated MiniMap management and added customisation options.​
  • Updated Sound Engine to support native Surround 7.4 - 96000kHz sampling.​
  • Updated charset to natively use UTF-8.​
  • Updated and fixed Sun, Clouds and Sky.​
  • Updated and Fixed Text Display with different font and languages.​
  • Updated wrong attach behaviour related to text.
  • Enhanced Flying entities to target your character, follow it and adapt to his size and height.​
  • Enhanced Character Size management.​
  • Revamped Effect loading.​
  • Revamped 3D Models loading.​
  • Revamped Animations and Movements functions.​
  • Revamped Screenshot function and enhanced quality.
  • Revamped overall memory usage.
  • Cleaning and updating depreciated code.

Stability Enhancement
  • Updated overall speed.
  • Enhanced Log-in function.​
  • Enhanced Database performances.​
  • Enhanced Peer2Peer functions.​
  • Revamped overall memory usage.
  • Fixing vulnerabilities.
  • Cleaning and updating depreciated code.

Systems & Others

If you want to be kept informed in real time about future updates, or if you want to interact casually with the community as well as receive real-time information about server progress and ETA. I invite you on the Official Discord Server.

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