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Alpha Update Update 3.22 - Guild Update



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Jul 22, 2021
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Update 3.22 - Alpha


The 3.22 internal update brought new GamePlay features including a very important update that took me a long time. The Guild Overhaul.

Guild Update

Guilds are an essential part of GamePlay. I was planning to modernize the whole system and expand it as much as possible, on one hand to catch up with the official, on the other hand to innovate and create a system that is not based on EXP anymore. No more level 20 guilds because a high-level player gave 0.25% of his experience.

PS: Some images do not have the latest features because they were taken at the beginning of the update.


  • Redesigned the Guild interface to look like the official one.
  • Added Guild Donations.
    • Guilds can now earn exp only through donations.
    • Donating grants you a medal to buy weapon enchantment scrolls, which add an item to your weapon.
  • Added Guild Storage.
  • Added Combat Statistics.
  • Added Terrain Information.
  • Added the ability to rename your guild.
    • The implementation is there, the item to do it is not yet.
  • Added an interface to declare war to all online leaders.
  • Added Guild Bonuses according to the number of members.
  • Rework of the Guild Logos.
    • Memory usage is reduced, the client checks before sending it to the server. The functions are modernized and the opening of a client <-> server connection is much more secure.
  • Rework of the Guild Lands to build the way you want.
    • Support for Guild Alchemists and new foundries.
  • Implemented many new quest options for guilds.
  • Implemented guild dungeons (internal for now).
  • Modification of the exp tables to adapt to the donation and avoid abuse with HL characters.
  • Eliminated the waiting time before creating a guild, being expelled or leaving a guild.
  • (technical) Almost complete overhaul of the guild code.

Guild War Update


Other Changes

  • Modification of many exp tables.
  • Modification of the horse (to rename it and its endurance table).
  • Added logs for guilds, wars and the warehouse.
  • Fixed crashes.
    • Related to the Wiki
    • Related to the new environments
  • Fixed many bugs.

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