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Alpha Update Update 3.23 - Client Update



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Jul 22, 2021
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Update 3.23 - Alpha


The 3.23 internal update brought many client features and fixes including a better stability, speed and enhanced assets.

Client Update & Asset Enhancement

The Client is the most important part of the user experience, a good, lightweight and performant client giving away the best user experience as possible is our goal. This update brought many changes to go this way. You can find a more detailed presentation as an entry of the Developer diaries.


  • Added facial animations for Purple Wolf Soul and Indigo Wolf Soul skills.
  • Added wind on many objects
    • Added wind on the banners.
    • Added wind on the Purgatory chains.
    • Added wind on the Giants' flags and on the OX contest flags.
  • Added fluctuation of the size of the mushrooms.
  • Added Czech, Danish, Deustch, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish localizations.
    • Added a default language (mostly this will never get triggered due to multiple checks)
    • Fixed Polish wrong charset encoding.
    • Fixed Turkish characters and romanized some characters "ý" -> "i".
  • Added an animation and sound when you open or close a window.
  • Added item rarity absorption for sashes and aura outfits.
  • Upgraded the client to use the latest assets.
  • Upgraded many assets to a more modern version on the 3D engine.
    • All the assets have been processed, optimized and had their size reduced.
  • Upgraded many effects to be HD. (Mostly lamps and volcanoes)
  • Upgraded many textures to have a better shiny effect.
  • Upgraded the application ErrorBox / LogBox to display icons as well as well encoded strings in every languages.
  • Upgraded Damage Effects.
    • Damage effects are now handling every damage possible.
    • Damage effects are now displaying a "K" to allow for more readability (4536 -> 4k536).
    • Damage effects have been revamped to be less eye-straining and more readable.
    • Damage effects won't infinitely stack if the monster dies.
  • Upgraded text display to handle way more entities (up to 50-70% more than the previous first fix) and to better display all charsets.
  • Upgraded scripting method, fixed memory leaks and vulnerabilities.
  • Reduced server memory usage up to 50%.
  • Reduced client assets size from 2.5Gb to 1.5Gb.
  • Changed some armor textures.
  • Fixed dead monster running away or standing before dying.
  • Fixed server and client lags when using a bonus switcher.
  • Fixed the filter to pick-up specific items.
  • Fixed a rare case when unequiping a shining weapon for a non shining weapon would cause the shining effect to reset for everyone around you (visually for you only).
  • Fixed the case when some NPC would turn entirely white in the distance and in specific camera position.
  • Fixed the hips, neck, shading and animation of the Shaman in level 66 Armor.
  • Fixed Sura's ankles in basic armor.
  • Fixed the female Warrior's neck while holding a fishing rod.
  • Fixed the female Shaman's hair in Emperor armor.
  • Fixed Seon-Pyeong's hair, animations and model.
  • Fixed the Stone bridge model.
  • Fixed collision boxes of the wedding bridge (used on Jinno city).
  • Fixed the model and texture of golden frogs.
  • Fixed the effect and animation of fire signals explosion.
  • Fixed the Rabbit costume which had a funny running animation.
  • Fixed Ninja's hair not moving while dancing.
  • Fixed the lights on the blood altar (HD).
Other Changes

  • Added some systems.
  • Fixed many functions and vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed a few client crashes.

If you want to be kept informed in real time about future updates, or if you want to interact casually with the community as well as receive real-time information about server progress and ETA. I invite you on the Official Discord Server.

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