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Alpha Update Update 3.20 - Farm Update



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Jul 22, 2021
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Update 3.20 - Alpha


The 3.20 internal update brought mainly GamePlay changes but also many optimizations. This update also contains the last 6 minor patches from 3.19.

Anti Multiple Farm
If there is a plague in MMORPGs, it is potentially the lack of trading, group play, guilds or mutual aid. The whole MMO aspect of it gets overshadowed. One of the factors of this problem can be players who stuff a whole map with multiple accounts to get all the loot, all the spots and go it alone, very often using cheating software. This system will put a stop to this phenomenon while not penalising players playing with their buff.


Preview: https://i.gyazo.com/356d399f93c56cb3effdc59f84c2d3bb.mp4

  • When you log in, you will notice an icon at the top right of your screen which represents your character's loot status.
  • Clicking on it gives you more information
  • The first two characters you log in have active loot, which means they can get items while farming.
  • The third character you connect will have an inactive loot by default. They will not be able to get items from the farm.
  • Clicking on it with three characters online will open the manager and allow you to see which characters can get items from the farm.
  • Clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the screen will allow you to select which characters can get items while farming.
  • Once you have made the changes, you can save them and the change will be made in real time. You can then choose which character is able to farm or not.
  • Only two characters can have loot at the same time.

Gameplay Enhancement & Optimizations

The other main part of this update is of course the improvement of the gameplay features, allowing more possibilities mainly in the quests, as well as some optimizations of the game.

  • Optimization of the game's Map Management. Memory usage is higher, but slowdowns are rarer and map loading is faster.
  • Internal revamp of Nemere Watchtower instance.
  • Added a lot of internal functions to manage the dungeons in depth via quests.
  • Added on-the-fly critical and piercing modifiers for dungeon bosses. -> Example: 25% more Critical if the boss has 10% life / 10% more Piercing if the boss has more than 90% of its HP.
  • Added access to group quest markers on the fly. Example: Complete a quest for the whole group when only one player in the group completes it.
  • Added many Dungeon & Group related features.
  • Added support for Critical Hit and Piercing Resistance in the new combat management.
  • Added many Official Drops and Mob Spawns.
  • Reduced small freezes when a player appears near you (even if the caching option is disabled - if it is enabled, there will be no freeze at all).
  • Various memory leak fixes.
  • Redesign of some systems.
  • Various fixes.
  • Update to the latest client from the official.
  • (technical) Deep modification of the interpretation of a unique entity of a unique monster of a dungeon.
  • (technical) Fixed vulnerabilities in the management of groups by the game.
  • (technical) Refactoring of old unstable / incomplete / heavy Python code.
  • (technical) Improved workflow and portability.

If you want to be kept informed in real time about future updates, or if you want to interact casually with the community as well as receive real-time information about server progress and ETA. I invite you on the Official Discord Server.

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